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Benefits of Owner Occupancy

Benefits of Owner Occupancy

6 key benefits to buying a multi-family and occupying one unit as a primary residence.


Things to Think About Before Buying

6 Things to Think About Before Buying a Multi-Family

Consider these 6 important factors before buying a multi-family investment property.


Things to Consider Before Selling

10 Things to Consider Before Selling a Multi-Family

Get the highest return on your investment property with these helpful tips.


Things Every Landlord Should Know

50 Things Every Landlord Should Know

A must-read guide for every Massachusetts landlord.


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Choosing the Right Realtor

Living Rent-Free Through Multi-Family Property Ownership

Yes, it is possible to live rent-free in a multi-family. Not all multi-families are created equal. If living rent-free is your goal, you must select the right property with the help of an experienced multi-family real estate agent. In this...

Dealing With Problem Tenants When Selling

Here’s my advice on how to deal with a problem tenant when selling. Right now, I’m selling a 3-unit property, and two out of those three units have great, cooperative tenants. The third, however, has an uncooperative tenant. She’s made...

Preparing to Sell a Multi-Family

It’s a great time to sell a multi-family. Buyer demand is high and inventory is low. These market conditions will earn you top dollar for your sale. As you prepare to sell, you should get your ducks in a row....

Multi-Family Financing Tips

Financing is a key component to purchasing a multi-family property. As you start evaluating options, it’s important to know that not all lenders are created equal. Here are some multi-family financing tips to keep in mind and to ensure a...

Tax Basis and Capital Gains for Investment Properties

The Biden administration is proposing an increase to long-term capital gains tax. Tax basis and capital gains for investment properties are commonly misunderstood. Before you consider selling an investment property, it’s important to understand how gain is calculated. Here’s a...

2021 Tax Changes and What Multi-Family Owners Should Know

The Biden administration has proposed some changes to tax law that, if passed, will apply to the entire 2021 tax year. Some of the provisions will have great impact on multi-family owners. Below is a brief summary of 2021 tax...

Differences Between Leases and Tenancy-at-Will

One of the first decisions that you must make as a landlord is whether to offer/require a lease or tenancy at will. There are pros and cons to each, so it’s important to understand them and how they may impact...

Owning a Multi-Family Helped Me Afford My Dream Home

I currently own my dream home! It’s a beautiful 5 bedroom home with 2-car garage on almost half an acre. I didn’t think I could purchase such a home. Ultimately, owning a multi-family helped me afford my dream home. I...

5 Steps to Buying a Multi-Family in Massachusetts

It’s a hot real estate market. With more and more people realizing the benefits of real estate ownership as an alternative to the stock market or as a way to diversify portfolios, demand for properties is higher than ever. Throughout...

Why Buy a Multi-Family as Your First Home

First time buyers often look to condos as a first purchase because they’re more affordable than single family homes. However, when you add in condo fees, potential assessments, and other factors, it may not be so ideal. Multi-family homes are...

Important Massachusetts Rental Laws for New Landlords

Rental laws in Massachusetts are pretty strict and tend to favor tenants. If you are purchasing your first rental property, it’s important to know what you should and should not do. As a start, here are some of the most...

Using Property Management Software to Increase ROI

Your time is precious. Whether you own and manage several multi-families properties or have just purchased your first one, efficiency is key to profitability and return on investment. Long gone are the days of placing an ad in the newspaper,...