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Knowing that when I retire I was going to put my money into a multifamily property as an investment to add extra income, I began looking online for information and ideas as to how to approach it. It was difficult to find any real estate site that had actual numbers portraying what the properties they advertised actually cost to run and monies to be made.

Fast forward 2 years. I retired and began again to research a multifamily property. To my surprise on the first search came Multyfamilyproperties.com. A site which had a breakdown of projected costs and income. After looking over the site I signed up and fed in some information and soon received a call from Steve Martin, the man behind the site. I had a meeting with him where I explained my goal and he explained how he could help and what was involved in the process. He referred me to a mortgage co to work with and got pre-approved and introduced us to Hannah Knouse, a fellow agent who worked with my wife and I showing us many listings until we found the one we looking for.

Hannah Knouse was instrumental in the search and proposal to the seller on the property we sought after. Many offers were made on the property in what was suppose to be a 1day bid. We were not the highest bid but more of in the middle. After hearing about some concerns from the buyer relayed to us by Hannah, who kept her line of communication with their agent intact, we were able to raise our bid (still not the highest) and assure the seller his concerns would be met. He accepted our bid due to Hannah’s professional knowledge and personable manner. She did a wonderful job.
We also used Hannah to find renters for the property. She stepped up and found us our first tenant who loves the apartment and we love having her. Hannah more than earned her money holding open houses and holding showings. She’s become like family and can’t wait to use her again!

Richard and Susan Bourque (Rowley, MA)

I would highly recommend Stephen Martin. He is professional, personable and helpful. As a beginner investor, Steve walked me through the process of finding the right property, financing, contingencies of the P&S and followed up after closing. He has a team of all the professionals you would need in real estate investing: attorneys, lenders, property management. He is the go-to guy!

Janice Yeaton, Real Estate Investor

I’ve been doing business with Steve Martin for a few years now. I had a large number of properties to be sold and Steve did a fantastic job of finding me the buyers. A few of the properties had previously failed to sell with other Realtors, but Steve got them sold and every property sold for top dollar. In all, Steve helped me move close to $5 million in real estate.

Dan Arnold, Haverhill MA

As a first time investor, only 25 years old, interested in pursuing real-estate as both an investment and as a primary residence Stephen and his team were incredibly helpful in walking me through my first investment. I was discouraged with the presiding market as I was priced out of most multi families. Stephen had an off-market property that he thought would be a great fit for me. As soon as I saw the property and the location I fell in love with it. His website platform is unique and practical. It translated very well to what I was looking for and because of that I found what I believe to be a very good investment in short order. I believe that building relationships in the real estate market (like any other market/ industry) allows people like Stephen to provide a better, more competitive service. Since Stephen has focused only on multi families this allows him to ignore much of the chaff that inundates the housing market to help his clients find what they want for the price they want.  I hope to give Stephen a lot of repeat business in the future and I think our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Alexander Colby – Amesbury, MA

I had the opportunity to work with Steve and found him to be incredibly polite, polished and most importantly a great listener.  I immediately sensed Steve would be someone I could readily work with, as he listened quite intently to my thoughts and concerns, and his responses were genuine, honest and very easy to follow.Throughout my experience working with Steve, despite some typical hiccups which invariably arise with sales and purchases during a frenetic housing market, Steve’s demeanor remained calm, steady and purposeful.  Steve is very responsive and receptive to his clients’ needs.  He takes the time to explain things clearly; and is always patient, polite and presents himself as a genuinely nice guy.For these reasons, I can attest it was a pleasure working with Steve, I would most definitely utilize Steve and recommend his services to others.

Nina Lentz, Swampscott, MA

The information you guys provide is a great starting point to quickly locate and identify which properties that we like to further explore and do due diligence on.

Robert Brooks, Boston, MA

You guys found a way to do it right and make it look sexy and appealing and easy.

Douglas Hoover, Brockton, MA

You guys get it. Time is money, and knowledge is power. Great service that provides a much needed void in the market place; real value add here.

Dale Spencer, Watertown, MA

Love your site, within minutes we had full financial breakdowns on several properties and knew within 15 minutes which properties that I wanted to follow up on to do more research.

Mike & Dianne Cross, Haverhill, MA

My wife and I recently purchased a multi-family home in Amesbury, MA. Stephen Martin helped us with the purchase. His knowledge of the multi-family market and his professionalism as a real estate agent are a unique combination. Those skills were critical to making the purchasing process smooth. He has excellent communication skills, is easy to reach, and was very responsive to any questions or concerns that we had. We highly recommend his services.

Barry Hazard & Sarah Gindel, Amesbury, MA

We are very happy to recommend Steve Martin.  Steve helped us sell our multi-unit building in Newburyport.  From the time we signed the agreement with him to closing took less than 3 weeks.  Steve is brilliant at his job.  He suggested a low price of $499k (which at first disappointed us because we wanted $530k), but he said he wanted to bring in many buyers and create a bidding war.  And he succeeded.  He bought in over 70 potential buyers and we ended up getting more than 25% over our asking price! We ending up selling for $605k  Steve worked tirelessly for us: constantly in touch with us, our lawyer and buyer’s broker.  Steve is polite, talented and charming.  We highly recommend his services.

Anne Dodge and Charles Kennedy, Newburyport, MA

Steve Martin is a gem!  We have bought and sold many properties over the years and this last one was with Steve’s management.  Within a very short period of time, Steve brought us qualified buyers; not people just looking.  And, therefore, the sale went quickly and smoothly.  Steve knows his market and his social media methods of communication are astounding.  With Steve’s expertise, knowledge of the real estate market and easy but professional manner, he brought three bids over price the first week the house was on the market.  Pretty impressive!  I wish I had more properties to sell!

Vicki and Jim Dyer, Newburyport MA

Thank you for all your help and insights during my buying process. I greatly appreciate you and have the utmost respect for how professional you were throughout the process. I admire your expertise in the multi-family arena and appreciated your patience in answering all my questions and offering referral sources. I enjoyed working  with you and look forward to doing more deals with you in the future. All the best!

Kerry Goyette - 3-Unit Purchase in Amesbury