The Multi-family property market is in a bit of a “bull run” and smart owners and investors see an opportunity to sell and take advantage of good prices and short inventory. Long-time multi-family owners are looking to cash out and short-term investor are looking to take a profit and get into new properties.  Maximizing return on your investment requires working with a broker who understands the market and has the experience in multi-families and who has the resources and network of buyers to get it sold fast.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Multi-Family Realtor

Not all real estate agents are the same. Some prefer to sell ocean front property; some focus on working with first-time buyers, others sell real estate as a hobby or part-time to supplement their spouse’s income.

So, before you call the guy who found you your vacation condo, your brother-in-law who just got his real estate license, or that nice woman from your daughter’s dance class, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Has the agent ever sold a multi before? If so what percentage of their sales are of multi-family properties?
  2. Do they have any experience working with investors? Are they comfortable with “talking the talk” when it comes to investment property?
  3. Do they have a plan on how to deal with tenants and how to efficiently show your property to get the maximum exposure without disturbing your tenants or worse yet creating a mass exodus and having all your tenants leave
  4. And what exactly are they going to do differently to get you the absolute best price for your property?

Work with the Multi-Family Specialists

If any of these questions give you – or your agent – pause for concern, you should probably consider working with a multi-family specialist like Give us a call today at(617) 212-3251 or drop an email to for a free consultation and estimate on your property.