Making sure you have the right coverage can save you money and peace of mind.

Contributor: Gregory R Porziella of Paul T. Murphy Insurance Agency

As a landlord, purchasing insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make. Understanding the types of coverage and the proper limits will help make sure you are properly protected with your investment.

Unless your property is owner-occupied, a standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not properly cover you for. You will need to obtain a specific insurance policy for rental properties. In some cases, it will be a Dwelling Fire Policy and it other cases, it will be a Business Owners Policy. Both policies include specific coverages designed for rental properties. Below are a few coverages you should consider when purchasing an investment property.

Loss of Rents/Business Income

Rental property insurance can provide coverage for not only damages to your building, it can also help with the loss of rental income if you have a covered loss. In cases where your property has been damaged and rendered uninhabitable, the tenants would not be liable to pay the normal rent until it was habitable again. With the right coverage, your policy will pay you the rents you cannot collect while the property is being repaired. If you’re paying a note on that property and are relying on the rents, lack of this coverage could be catastrophic.

Liability Coverage

Another coverage recommended is landlord Liability insurance. If one of your tenants, one of their guests, a contractor or even possibly someone walking by were to suffer an injury caused by something on your property, you could be looking at a costly lawsuit. It is not just for medical expenses or damage to property, but the injured person could sue for lost wages, emotional distress, and other related expense. Expenses can add up quickly, so it imperative that you have the right amount of Liability Coverage to covers these kinds of exposures.

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