Do you want to learn how to buy a 2-unit, 3-unit or 4-unit multi-family property and live in it for free? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Our clients are doing this and so can you. This is the safest, easiest, and surest way to build long term wealth in real estate.

Welcome to!  The # 1 Marketplace for Multi-Family Buyers and Sellers. Let our team of multi-family experts help you find a property in the next 30 days.

Our approach on day 1.


We will learn about your short term and long term goals and prepare a custom strategy for you.

Maybe you’re looking to live in one unit and rent out the others to supplement your mortgage payment. Or maybe you want to build a portfolio of cash flow properties and eventually quit your job. Whatever your goals are; you need a plan and a team to help you accomplish it. We have you covered.


We match you with an experienced multi-family mortgage lender to determine how much you can afford and how much you need to put down. Their job is to help you secure the lowest possible interest rate to keep your monthly mortgage payment as low as possible.


Once we know how much you can afford, our team of multi-family agents will work to find a property that matches your criteria, budget and goals. They will show you properties that are both on-market and off-market. Giving you the best chances of securing an undervalued property. Because we have the largest network of multi-family agents in MA, sellers often call us first to sell and market their property. Our buyer clients get “first-crack” at these opportunities.

Once we find a property that “checks all your boxes,” we help you prepare an offer that puts your best foot forward. It’s a competitive market but our agents know how to write offers that increase your chances of getting it accepted.


Once your offer is accepted, you will then be connected to a real estate attorney to assist you with the closing. They will work tirelessly for you to close the property but, more importantly, will make sure that you are protected along the way. This attorney will also help you draft a standard lease agreement and can guide you along the process of being a landlord.


Once you close on the property, we will help you fill any vacant units. This includes marketing your property and attracting quality tenants.


Property management software that helps screen prospective tenants, run background checks, credit checks, automatically collect rent checks and much more.


A client bought a 2 family for $500k. He was qualified by our mortgage team to put down $20,000 for a down payment. He financed $480,000. His total monthly payment including mortgage, taxes, insurance, water and sewer, gas and electric is $3,100. The downstairs tenant pays $2,100 per month. So, it’s only costing our client $1,000 a month to live and own a 2 family. Here’s the best part. The tenants will continue to cover most of that monthly payment each month. And each year, the mortgage balance goes down, and real estate values historically rise so the overall equity in the property will continue to grow. So in 30 years, the property will be paid off and it will have most likely doubled in value. That’s a $1M asset, paid off, that’s generating monthly cash flow.

Another client bought a 3 unit for $650,000. He lived in one unit and rented the other 2 units. The rental income from the 2 units covered almost his entire monthly payment. He moved out 1 year later and rented his unit. He now has 3 units that are paying him $6,000 a month. His monthly expenses including everything is $4,000 a month. He’s now making $2,000/month in positive cash flow. That’s $24,000 per year, and he did this by only putting down $20,000. He made 120% return on investment and he got back his entire down payment within 24 months.

Multi-Family buyers are doing this all over the country. This is the safest and surest way to build long term wealth thru real estate.


If you have a credit score of 620 or higher, have been steadily employed for 2 or more years and have more than $20k for down payment, then you may be eligible to purchase a multi-family.  If you’re serious about getting started visit or call 1-888-48MULTI today!